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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Scar Repair Product Review

There are so many ways to get scars that it is hard to avoid them and if you are a woman it seems like you are doubling your chances. You do not even have to have a baby to get stretch marks either. I had a couple of scars, grant most of them which is like 2 out of the total of 3 scars I have are from my babies but I do have one scar on my forehead. This scar happen when I was very young and I barely even remember it but I am reminded about it daily. Have used this daily and starting to see some changes as I rub my finger across that area.
How this works is renewing the skin so that activates the healing and repair process. Hos scars heal causes the bumps and things but this helps the cells to to start working from within, it penetrates deeply to work underneath the skin which produces noticeable differences. The longer it is used and consecutively is the key for dramatic results. Works on any skin type mainly due to the natural and organic ingredients: Vegan formula with collagen producing Peptides, anti-aging and skin renewing Plant Stem Cells, soothing Shea Butter and Aloe Vera with rejuvenating Vitamin E. Received this product for free/heavily discounted for my honest review. It can be purchased on Amazon at

Friday, March 11, 2016

dreamy soft duvel set for your comforter

This comforter cover is what I call it, is true to its claim of being soft. Actually it is like a velvety soft feel to it, I sat on my bed to put my shoes on and was surprised as my hand grazed over the cover. I just laid back and rolled in luxury, for a moment I felt as though I was in a fancy hotel. It was easy to put the comforter in it, I just laid my comforter on bed and with the duvet cover open just gliding it over the comforter and button it along the top and enjoyed.

 Since it is light weight it just goes anyway you move it. Also with it being white in color It set a rather crisp clean feel to my room as if I have maid service or something. The buttons are pretty thick so as to take any thickness of a comforter and since they are clear they are also easy to find. The button holes are also spaced far a part as to make changing it out for laundry very easy.

Now if the cover made me feel like I was in a fancy hotel the pillow shams are the reason I did not get any work the other day, I just rubbed my head back and forth and binged on Netflix all day. It just kept pulling me back with its softness. It claims to be wrinkle free and after me, as a wild sleeper took it for a nightly test drive I have not seen any wrinkles. Can be purchased at Amazon

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pinchme tips

Mark your calenders Pinchme which a great place to sample major brand products is about to release samples on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 12:00 Eastern time. That is 20 days, 3 hours, 20 minutes  from the time that I am writing this article. So what should you do, well first of all if you are not a member run on over to their website and join up so that you can take advantage of these wonderful offers. If you are a member have you complete all feedback in the way of surveys of past samples that you have gotten?

Feedback surveys do expire and I found this out when I first joined, I was inconsistent. I ordered a box and then it took a while to come, so I thought that I had to wait for my box to come before I ordered more samples.
Newbies and veterans a like you can order a box every month on the date and time that they are released. Also know that sometimes for some unknown reason boxes take a while to come in the mail but that doesn't stop you from pinching more samples. Sometimes you will get around 5-8 items and sometimes you will get only two, they that is just how the cookie crumbles. Certain samples are reserved for special groups, so here is where having a completed profile comes into play, newbie and for the veterans every now and then go and update your profile. From time to time before a new sample release date I have gotten an email invitation to complete new bonus questions; if you received this do it right away. Why you say well they are sending this because of a new sample type and if your answers match what Pinchme or the brand is looking for then you will qualify for yet another sample. You have to understand that each of these tips get you one step closer, nothing guarantees but when they only a certain amount to give out what two categories do you think will rise to the top of the list?
Newbies and those most active; you can have the biggest parenting profile on Facebook but if you do not fill out your profile fully and they do not know you have a baby then baby food and other baby related items will not be offered to you.
So what should you do now that you have signed up, make sure your profile is current before sample release day and your wish list is complete. What is a wish you say? Glad you asked, well if you are new you do not have any past samples to click on and then click add to wishlist under the buy now button like us veterans. Do no despair, when you sign in up top on the left hand side are the following words:

Pinchme, Samples, Past samples, offers, Blog

Clicking Pinchme will take you back to the home page, samples will take you to any available samples,

Past samples – this is where you as a newbie would click
All samples that Pinchme has ever done will be there, you can sort the list or just go down and click on an item and then you will see a buy now button, right under that it will say add to wish list.

Offers – is where brands/companies have deals on their products

Blog – this is where Pinchme has various type of announcements or contests and things of that nature

On the right had side up top is all about you, the mail box icon are the following icons: letter, box and your name.

Letter icon -is like your internal mailbox and has any feedback surveys that are due or other messages

The box icon – this is like your shopping cart and on sample day when you are all done and if you checked out everything correctly then the number on your cart should be as it is now, zero. If there is a number you are not done and better hurry up before someone else snags that item, things go fast so make sure you are faster.

Your name gives you access to your general profile you can go here to update you address if you move or you decide you want to mail your box to a Post Office box.

If you do not remember any other tip of how to maximize your Pinchme experience then remember this, around five minutes or so before 12 est on sample release day sign in. Why do I say that if you come 20 minutes after all of the samples could be gone. Pinchme has grown a lot so that means thousands or maybe even more people are plugging in and they know the drill. Just wanted to drop some pearls of wisdom on of the many samples, freebie websites that I use. Wanna sign-up use my referral code 54WZD.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What is a Twitter Party?

I have been asked this a couple of times and when I was brand spaning new to the whole product review scene less that a couple of months ago I had no idea what a twitter party was all about.  I can try to explain it to you but a company call She SPeaks Up has done such a beautiful job that I feel like why try and potential mislead you when it has already done so.  Alos She Speaks Up is a company that I put in the Word of mouth Marketing Companies that has twitter parties, missions and promotions campaigns that has prodcuts to reivew for certain qualifiing demographics.  An example of a qualifying demographic would be if you are a mom or a car owner.  The following information is a full copy, I have not changed one word of the She Speaks Up website twitter party 101 article.  It can be found at the following link:

So you’re ready to party in the Twitter-sphere? Twitter Parties are great fun and a good way to meet new Tweeps by discussing a shared topic or interest. Parties usually last around 1-2 hours and are very fast-paced. We enjoy throwing Twitter Parties because it gives us the chance to chat with our members in the real-time world.

Twitter parties have the same format as a regular party at home. By searching and using the party hash tag you can see all the conversations that are happening at the party. You can retweet and respond to any of the questions or responses you see in the party.  If you like a response or comment retweet it, it’s a great compliment and that’s how you begin to meet people and be seen by others. 

How the Party Starts:

First, your host will tweet to welcome you and introduce you to the other hosts, panelists and VIP’s. There is usually a door prize and that is drawn from all those who RSVP to the party invite.  It’s not necessary to RSVP to join a twitter party but it does often increase the prizes you’ll be eligible to win, so don’t forget to do it before the party starts.

After introductions your host will introduce the party theme.  Usually the party includes a few fun questions and for each question a party favor can be won! There will also be information and fun facts for you to read and retweet.

The host will tweet out the first question, which you and the hosts should retweet while you think about your answer. As soon as you have a response in mind, tweet your answer with the party hash tag.  You need to be quick but be sure to read and enjoy the responses of others.

At the end of the party you will be asked to enter a grand prize, as with most parties the best is saved until last so it’s usually worth sticking around to enter your response. If you win a prize, it will often be tweeted during the party and you will receive instructions via DM about how to get your prize.

After you join a few parties you will get used to the format and the speed they run and other tweeps will begin to recognize your twitter name. 

Like we said, Twitter Parties can happen very quickly. We want to make sure you know the basics so you’re ready to tweet, win, & have lots of fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this blog, post on our Facebook wall, or tweet us at @shespeaksup.
Tweet you later!

Product Review: Skin Hair and Nails

I have been taking this vitamin for over a week and already seeing results. When it comes to your skin I feel that most people attacking the issue from a symptom basis which is the wrong end of the problem. An illustration that I think would bring it home for most people is gardening, so if you have a problem with weeds growing though out your front lawn and in the cracks of your sidewalk would you want to make the weed go away for awhile or do something that would make it go away and stay away? That is why buying those weed sprays are only temporary solutions and facial creams are only temporary solutions. No matter how expensive a cream is it can only be absorbed into the surface but vitamins work from the inside and work through to shine on the outside. Of course there are areas a vitamin just can not reach but overtime it can repair some of the damage. 

Also these vitamins are different because they concentrate on areas of the body such as the hair, your skin and your nails with 26 ingredient formula. It is a vegetable capsules, so it has no artificial colors or flavors, lactose free, kosher, Gluten, and Soy Free. That makes it safe for vegans, no animal products, basically it has everything it needs to bring results without sneaking the bad or just things not needed.It comes in a clear capsule and has a powder substance in it so take two with a full glass of water and a meal.  The meal is so that there is no stomach upset-ness since you are getting such a potent organic dose of vitamins. 

I just had to mention that first so that people understand the importance of vitamins and minerals to the body. For example do you have a problem with brittle nails splitting or breaking every time they touch something? Or does your nails grow super thin and just a little past the nail bed? Well that could be a sign that your body is missing keep vitamins and or minerals. I have not had issues growing my nails in the past but for some reason since I have turn 30's they have been breaking very easily and not as thick as they use to be they were easily folding and they use to be hard as a rock. Same with my hair even though I am of African American origins I have not had issues with my hair growing but lately I have notice it has been breaking and the ends become very split. My body in general use to be so forgiving but now if the winds blows the wrong way then everything just seems to fall or break apart. I received this product for free/heavily discounted for my honest opinion. It can be purchased at . #HairSkinNails

Monday, March 7, 2016

Great eye product with bonuses

I have been a healthy phase coming into this new year; so I am on a journey for natural or organic foods along with beauty products. So this title is what intrigued my interest in this product.. I have been trying for a few days now and have notice the puffiness and sagging under my eyes have started to decrease. I do so many things and am so busy that sometimes means working into the night or staying up late hours and those trophies of hard work I have received as a result of it.

Since it is a night cream, I have incorporated into my evening facial routine and it felt like it had been there for years. The eyes are such a delicate place and although I take eye vitamins the benefits do not trickle over the skin around the eyes. I said all of that to say that the specific vitamins and the combination that you find in this product you just do not find anywhere else. Their formula for Essential Vitamins and minerals that set apart is a piece to the puzzle but putting them altogether gives noticeable difference.

It felt wet once I applied it and once I was finish brushing my teeth it has absorbed into my skin, Then I felt a very slight tingle which lets me know it was working and my skin felt a little firmer. Being that it is organic and no harmful chemicals it is safe for all skin types. It also comes with a travel bag, a free facial moisturizer sample, a do it yourself facial mask recipe and a coupon. I received this product for free or heavily discounted for my honest and unbiased review.  It can be purchased at

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Product review: Hydration Belt For Running

Love that this comes wit water bottles and they are shaped with running in mind so that you can just squeeze and go. There is a reflective armband so u are always visible. There is also a hole in the big zipper part where your headphones can slip through while you run or work out.

Received this belt for free/heavily discounted for my honest reviewl  Can be purchased at #GoldBergGear

Product review: Purifyou Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

With this new year came a longing to finally start making better choices for my own health. I just felt like I want to adopt a whole healthy lifestyle. This is why this water bottle appeal to me so much, Purify me. Then it is glass now if you do not understand what that means it means that harmful chemicals are not swimming around and plus the taste of the liquid is not affected due to the water bottles material like plastic or metal. 

You do not have to worry about BPA, Phthalate, PVC, lead, Cadmium. That, right there alone separates it from all other bottles. I know what you are thinking that it is glass and will break easily but no number one it has a stylish outer wrapping; plus it is made up of borosilicate glass and that makes is more heat resistant than most. 

How was my experience drinking? Great the mouth is just right, not to big and not to small. The cap was easy to take off and put on which is good for on the go activities. Some other features is that it is microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe.  There is also a little encouraging note included with the bottle.

Lastly to warm your hearts some a portion of the profits is sent to a related cause; building water wells for impoverish communities in Africa. I received this bottle for free/heavily discounted for my honest, unbiased review.It can be purchased at .
#purifyou  #glasswaterbottle

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NorskWall Slatwall Value Pack

Spring Cleaning is just around the corner and organization is the key.  I feel like it is a thin line between the seasons because lets face it we do not totally abandon our winter items in the Spring.  For example hasn't it snowed in May before? Didn't you have to get your shovel out, why not have it neatly hanging up so that you can quickly access it?

Here is a video review of my experience with putting together this wall organizer. I liked how once  was all done it looks so nice and put together, the fasteners are hidden so you do not have to go ou and buy new screws/fasteners that are of the same color.  It is also compatible with other company hooks. What does it come with?

  • 4x NorskWall™ sections
    2x Fixed Quad 6" Hooks
    2x Tall Big Mouth Hooks
As for the dimensions of this kit, covers 10 square feet of wall space and measures: 48.25"W x 27"H

Received this for free for my honest and unbiased review. #Norskwall Can be purchased at

The travel Assistant

Thinking about Spring Coming soon? Have plans to travel?
In getting ready for Spring the first ting I think about is traveling and now I found the perfect travel bag At first glance it looks like a fashionable tote bag but it is so much more. It fits everything and even has detachable bags. It literally has little pockets and zippers for everything that you could need. The size of the item does not matter, the bag can accommodate full size items as well as travel size. The inside is easy to clean and water-resistant.

  Received this belt for free/heavily discounted for my honest, un-biased review.