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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

High potency hair vitamins

All hair vitamins are not made the same and I have been greatly disappointed a number of times. I have bought vitamins for my hair and noticed no change even after  like 60 days.  That is why I am so glad that this contains 120 capsules. This gives you more than enough product to fully judge if this makes a difference in your hair. To me personally 30 days just aren't enough time to judge if it makes a difference in your hair. For the vitamins I have bought that were thirty days supply and I didn't notice and change I simply didn't not buy it anymore because I didn't want to waste my time or money.
Plus it is a convenient small size that says take with a meal. Big things come in small packages and so with this vitamin because it is packed with enough vitamins to make a difference.With such a small pill there is no excuse on why you can not take this. I have taken it on a empty stomach with no side effects and my stomach is sensitive.

Can be purchased at #complimentary

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Joyal Beauty skin serum

When it comes to my skin I am very picky being that I love the natural look.  Meaning I do not wear makeup for the most part.  Of course I wear lip gloss or lipstick and every now and then I will wear eye shadow but that is pretty much it.  Not trying to brag I have some pretty good skin so there really isn't a need to add much to the main attraction.  I just might add accents but never cover up, always have my face front and center.

Said all of that to say that I really care about what I use on my face and being that I do not wear makeup  I take extra care of the products that I allow on my skin, face especially.  The bottle is also pretty big for  the small amount that you use on application.  So it will last you for quiet awhile; since I wash my face quiet frequently like multiple times in a day and it last me for awhile that says something.

The after effects of using this product made me an instant addict.  My skin felt instantly softer and after like two or three uses I have a glow out of this world.  My face looks glowingly radiant and I have noticed that the more I use it the brighter my glow gets. Plus over a few uses it works on fine lines and wrinkles by increasing your body's collagen production with every use.

This product is also affordable at under $20 for as big as the jar is and can be purchased at #SkinSerum #gotitfree

Joyal Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Cucumber moisturizer

Dry skin is hard to tackle because depending on the place that is dry there is a different cream, lotions, ointment needed for the problem. Plus the face has unique issues that other skin on your body you do not care if it has it.  For example if your are has fine line wrinkles or isn't at its best when it comes to firmness of skin you do not try to hide your arms or only wear long sleeve shirts. The face is the only skin that you would try to hide and you cannot walk around with your face hidden so you just try to avoid social situations.  Since when you are trying to avoid social situations you have to go grocery shopping you might as well do something about that dry sagging skin.  

Being a woman of color I have found that many facial care products either break me out or do not do as they claim they do for my skin.  I have been pleasantly surprised by my results with this moisturizer.  Another issue I have had with moisturizers is that it does not penetrate deep enough to be effect for a longer period of time.  Some have only sat on the first layer of skin and left me with a oily looking face.  This product penetrated deeply through multiple layers of skin and also lasted, like literally all day long.  My face felt hydrated at first use as it did like five hours later.  

Also want to add, although I could feel the moisture all day long it was not heavy on my face either. Can be purchased at #VitaminC_Cream

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Review of Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker TWS System Portable Tiny Body Loud Voice Shutter Button Selfie Features (Gold)

This speaker is small in sized but really gives life to the term that big things come in small packages.  There is a lot of high tech technology in this small speaker that is why the sound is not only clear but the sound/bass goes hard.
You know how if you hear bad speakers you can only play certain songs with that speaker but not with this one you can hear the vocalist and every instrument all at the same time, clearly.

It's a mini Bluetooth speaker and plays for hours from one night of charging. Not only for playing music through Bluetooth, music from a USB cord or take a hands free phone call. Plus it is lightweight and ultra portable, can be put in you pocket with ease. Plus you can return it within 3 months for anything reason, now how is that for buyers confidence. For under $20.00 it us a really good deal.
Can be purchased at

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

INNX Dog Seat Cover, Quilted Hammock Bench Pet Seat Cover for Sedan Cars, Trucks, SUVs or Minivans, Waterproof

Having a pet without the proper tools to transport them means you will be the interior of your car detailed alot.  I like how it has a hammock kind of design so that it can fit many different type of cars, SUV's and trucks giving the same consistent protection from pet mess. There are also side flaps that can be zipped to keep your pet from scratching.  It is made up of durable water resistant material just in case of any accident while in motion. Not only keeping your car clean but if you pet is small they could slide around as you turn so it could be used for their protection also.  

The material is thick and quilted for your pet's comfort. It is made up of microfiber and filling of soft cotton in the middle. The bottom has durable polyester with a special water resistant coating. So matter the size of your pet or how playful they are the material will not tear and the straps are also very strong. As for cleaning it is simple just wipe it with a wet microfiber towel or sponge but it is also machine washable on a gentle cycle in cold water. Do not leach or hang dry.
Can be purchased at #gotitfreeforreview