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Friday, August 17, 2018

Rival Nails Polished nails Strips

Being a woman is one of the greatest jobs of my life; that saying that girls have more fun is true. For girls, we never stop playing dress up and everything that we put on from our clothes to accessories allows us express ourselves. Jewelry is not the only thing used to expressed your personality.

Your nails are another way to creatively express your personality. Some go through great lengths to get the perfect look on their nails but I found a easier way to get salon perfect nails. Here are some helpful tips to make sure the application process goes well. First of all using a alcohol wipe to start the process.

1. Wipe nails with wipes
2. Push cuticles back.
3. Open package
4. Choose appropriate nail size for each finger. One nail strip will apply two nails.
5. Remove clear top layer from product.
6. Remove nail polish strip using the silver edge tab.
7. Put product center of application finger.
8. Put product on nail avoiding cuticle skin.
9. Press product towards nail tip removing any air bubbles
10. Use fingernail to trim off the nail tip area.
11 remove any excess overlapping onto skin. Using finger nail.
12. Complete the rest of the nails. Done.

Do not put nails in submerged water or apply lotion to hands for 30 minutes, allow them to cure to nails. Duration should last for about two weeks. Each package can be used on your fingers and toes. Please reseal the package for the other 8 using a iron or lighter to ensure that they not to dry out before next use.

Here is a helpful video for application tips. Can be purchased at #getyousome #reviewsbyjay #gotitfreeforreview #freesample