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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Review of Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker TWS System Portable Tiny Body Loud Voice Shutter Button Selfie Features (Gold)

This speaker is small in sized but really gives life to the term that big things come in small packages.  There is a lot of high tech technology in this small speaker that is why the sound is not only clear but the sound/bass goes hard.  You know how if you hear bad speakers you can only play certain songs with that speaker but not with this one you can hear the vocalist and every instrument all at the same time, clearly. 
It's a mini Bluetooth speaker and plays for hours from one night of charging. Not only for playing music through Bluetooth, music from a USB cord or take a hands free phone call. Plus it is lightweight and ultra portable, can be put in you pocket with ease.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

INNX Dog Seat Cover, Quilted Hammock Bench Pet Seat Cover for Sedan Cars, Trucks, SUVs or Minivans, Waterproof

Having a pet without the proper tools to transport them means you will be the interior of your car detailed alot.  I like how it has a hammock kind of design so that it can fit many different type of cars, SUV's and trucks giving the same consistent protection from pet mess. There are also side flaps that can be zipped to keep your pet from scratching.  It is made up of durable water resistant material just in case of any accident while in motion. Not only keeping your car clean but if you pet is small they could slide around as you turn so it could be used for their protection also.  

The material is thick and quilted for your pet's comfort. It is made up of microfiber and filling of soft cotton in the middle. The bottom has durable polyester with a special water resistant coating. So matter the size of your pet or how playful they are the material will not tear and the straps are also very strong. As for cleaning it is simple just wipe it with a wet microfiber towel or sponge but it is also machine washable on a gentle cycle in cold water. Do not leach or hang dry.
Can be purchased at #gotitfreeforreview

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

INNX Trunk Storage Net for Sedan, SUV, Trucks, No Harm for Your Vehicle Interior with Velcro, 15.7" x 10", 1 pc, Black

Such a simple yet effective method to organize the trunk. First of all the dimensions of it is 15.7 x 10 which is perfect for most vehicles like the following:


As long as your cargo area or back seat is carpet material it will stick to it and stay in place. You do not have to worry about ruining your interior material at all.  Not when install or putting this on the material or taking it off, no harm is done.  I only had to lightly press against it and it stuck to the material and I even tested it by tying to see if it would hurt, tear or rip my interior and no it did not at all and it was very easy to take off with little effort.
It has a lifetime warranty so you know it is made up of quality material. Being that your contents are in a net you can easily see it at all times.

Can be purchased at #storagenet #gotitfreeforreview

Cranberry Dietary Supplement Triple Strength Softgels. Maintains Healthy Urinary Tract & Immune System with Vitamin C. 12,600 mg Pure Cranberry Extract from Zone – 365

Having a UTI (Urinary Trac Infection) is no fun and just about every adult has had one of them in their lifetime or know someone who has. Prevention is very simple just keep the urinary track free of bad bacteria.

Like the saying goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Not only does it have the positive effect of flushing out your urinary trac but cranberry is a antioxidant that also cleanses the liver, protects the heart and increases immunity.It Protects the heart by its high dosage of antioxidant that help lower down cholesterol levels. It strengthens the immune cells so that the body is ready to fight bacterial and viral infections.

Did you know that not all cranberry forms are the same nor do they work the same. Freeze dried cranberry powder is less powerful than this extract, it is a pure concentrated cranberry extract which comes straight from the source, farm fresh fruit.
Can be purchased at #gotitfreeforreview

Sunday, December 24, 2017

AncordWorks Bluetooth shower speaker Water Resistance 5W Driver 23 Hours Playtime with 8G TF Card/Card Reader/Suction Cup/Carabiner/DC Charger Black/Army Green

This little speaker has so many features makes me wonder how that get all that technology into such a little device. It also can get very, very loud I have to put it on half way for volume.  There are so many ways to play your favorite tunes, my way is through turning on Bluetooth on my phone and playing my music that way.  I have played music on my phone through Pandora and YouTube app plus from music stored in my phone and have not heard any inconsistency.  I had all of the music playing at the same volume and they all sounded great.  I was kind of surprised at how it filled the whole room with music.  With the USB port you can play from your computer also. 

Another thing I notice is that it has buttons on it so you can control your music from your phone  computer or the device itself.  You can go to another song, skip a song, pause and play a song from this speaker itself.  It has a hook where you can hand it and let it fill the area with beautiful sounding music.  I just charge it at night with the included cord it comes with and play it all day long.  It has about 23 hours of playtime and a 8g TF card.  It is also waterproof so no worries for usage in the bathroom . It is made very well it is shockproof, sand proof and dust proof.

Can be purchased at #gotitfreeforreview

TOWISH Posture Corrector & Adjustable Back Support

Neck pain is the worse to have and when I think of going to a doctor and paying all of that money for a office visit I cringe. This is usually what they give you anyway but if you are experience any other issues I would go to your doctor.  I slept on the wrong side of the bed a couple of nights ago and  have paid for it every since. When you are tired and finally hit the hay you do not always align your body the right way.  I found myself waking up a couple of times that night with a sick baby and anyone who has cared for or had a child of their own knows they do not consider your neck when you are trying to comfort them or burp them.

That was the longest night of my life and rightfully so the babies needs come before your own. So here I am with a painful crook in the neck.  Also with this new digital age we live in everything is done over the internet. We even sign most forms over the internet which means sitting at a computer sloughing over trying to read a screen. Which is formula for disaster for your back, feet, hands and eyes. I did some stretches for my neck and wore this brace for a couple of days and I can not tell you the difference it made for me.  Even when I did not wear it I found myself correcting my posture as I sat at the computer.

This affordable product can be purchased at

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Electric Toothbrush Waterproof Super Clean Gum Health

As you can see this is more than just an ordinary electric toothbrush it comes packed with goodies.  Here is all that it comes with:
1 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Handle
3 Electric Toothbrush head with caps
1 Electric Toothbrush Charging Base
1 User manual

Here is the best way to use to make sure you are fully cleaning your teeth, the total time you should spend actively brush is two minutes. You should press the button two seconds for mode changing. During those two minutes you should switch to a different quadrant or section of your mouth. What are the ages eight and up. The sonic cleaning technology does 37,000 brush strokes per minute of uasage. Lastly  there is a 24 month replacement warranty.

This affordable product can be purchased at