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Monday, February 18, 2019

Ring Sizer Review

When I go to amazon I see so many deals on really nice looking jewelry, rings especially. Not knowing your size can really damper your purchase decisions. Who has time to go get there finger sized when they see a deal? Yeah time is something that we as a nation just don't have much of these days, we are all so busy. Add on being a parent of small children and there goes your just because mall trips. 
This sizer is not complicated at all, in fact it is quite easy to use. 
1. just put your finger through the loop
2. Next move the sizer so it fits snugly on your finger
3. Read the number that the arrow is pointing to

Now you have your size for your finger, but you can also use this for your toes. I like products that I can use more than once. For anyone working on weight loss this is a perfect tool to keep around. As a person gains weight or looses weight not only does their clothes size go up or down but their ring size does also. Can be purchased at #14k #18k#reviewsbyjay #ringersizer #jewelrytool

Sports reuseable water bottle

I have to admit when it comes to getting my daily water intake needs fulfilled I have to use a variety of methods. It is interesting to me that I can drink just about any other fluid easily but for some reason I am picky about my water. Especially tap water if it is not filtered I will hold out rather than taking in toxins and parasites. This is why I have gallons of filtered water at home and fill this container when I go out.

Lots of outdoor venues and in door gyms have those fountains that are made to fill up your water containers which even though this is wide it is still the perfect size to fill up. This size is convenient to carry, not only does it have a carrying handle but also a strap that can be attached to a backpack. It size, 2.2 liter bottle that have line of volume measurements along the side is a perfect way ti keep track of your water intake. For me it is a great motivator to drink water.

It is recommended to be washed before first use and after every couple of uses. It is not safe for use in the dishwasher.
If that isn't enough they will replace this for free within the first three months or refund for any problem. Can be purchased at #reviewsbyjay#momblogger

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Funnel review

The kitchen is the one place in my house that has as many gadgets as my husbands tool shed and that is saying a lot.  I promise that everything in my kitchen cabinets have a unique purpose. That is why I am so glad that this funnel is collapsible to save space in my already full kitchen drawers.  When you need to transfer a liquid or dry substance from its original packaging to your mixing bowl, this will defiantly help you to get this task done in a clean manner. 

Being that it is fold-able and flexible it can fit a variety of different lid types. You can be fully confident that you can pour without any spills. One is square and the other one is rounded, two funnels in different shapes to complete any task that may come up in your kitchen. They can be used in different situations of temperatures, -40 and 250 degrees Celsius. It is also oil and stain resistant and does not transfer smells.  It can be cleaned easily cleaned in a dishwasher or rinsed by hand.
Can be purchased at #deiss #cooking #kitchen #food #funnel #deals #productreview #reviewsbyjay #frugalliving #savings #momblogger #couponing #gotitatadiscountforreview #complimentary

Safety glasses review

Being a do it yourself type of person brings great pride but without the proper tools the task could end up hurting you plus costing more monies than you are  trying to save.  For example I live in a house in a community where I had lawn care ordinances, the grass could not get above a certain feet and then they would issue a ticket plus a fine.  Instead of paying a person to cut my grass I thought I should invest in a lawn mower and do it myself.  I quickly started seeing why they were charging the amount they did.  I frequently found myself stopping and picking up debris, removing branches and other things so that the blades on my lawn mower would not get ruined.  This meant I needed some safety equipment like gloves and goggles.  I can not tell you how many times I had to bend down to avoid little debris that the mower was spitting out. 

These Safety glasses are big enough to put some room between dust or debris but designed to fit on your face. If not it is adjustable to fit your temples, up to five lengths without worrying about it slipping off of your face.  It fits in a lightweight way and does not weigh down your ears.  The lenses are anti scratch, just a simple wipe will clean any dirt. Can be purchased at 

Monday, January 7, 2019

White Beanie Review

During these cooler months we all need to protect our heads.Mainly because our head is where the heat of our body leaves.  Ever heard of the term heat rises? Where not only in mother nature but also in our bodies. A bonus about this is it has a  extra layer around the brim of it to bring extra heat where needed; your forehead and ears. That extra layer is a fleece lined headband. I love this nice and snug fit of this beanie.

When it comes to cold this beanie was designed for it. It is made by a Alaskian company.  The material half wool and half acrylic to make a premium fiber blend. The material stays warm even when it is wet. When it comes to sizing;there one size is larger than their medium. The color is such a pure clean white color that is sure to go with any outfit/ensemble.  Fashionably the color white goes with many different styles and colors so you should get many wears of this.

Lastly the inside is soft and comfy. Can be purchased at
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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Bloggers Traffic Community Invite

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Wallet Review

This year I decided to get my husband a slimmer wallet.  I got so tired of of wallet bulging out of his pockets.  Stretching  the stitching of the pants and the actual wallet so much so that it fell apart. This one has slots for all of his needs with four back pockets for credit cards, a middle slot for cash and front see through slot for an ID.  Truthfully the back slots can each hold two cards depending on how thick they are but still keep everything organized.

As for the material of the wallet, the layers goes as follows:
Geniune leather
RFID blocking material
polyester fabric
RFID means your information is safe for unauthorized 13.56 Mhz; the measurements of it is 3.15 inches by 4.2 by 0.12 inches.

This slim design fits any of your suits, pants and shorts. Not like he carries alot of stuff with him anyway but when he is out since he had that big wallet before he had a habit of taking business cards and stuffing it in the wallet.  Now since there is no room in his wallet, only for essentials; he stuffs them in the glove compartment of the car and his pants are thankful for it.  Lastly there is a one year warranty which is plenty enough time to decide if this slim fit is right for you.
Can be purchased at #SlimWallet #WalletsforMen#reviewsbyjay #RFID