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Friday, April 29, 2016

Product review: Tilt Health Care | Vaginal Rejuvenation Tightening Gel for Women

This post is for the women of all ages and men who have a woman in their lives.  I was unsure of this product, I mean by using it meant I had a problem there or did it? I had to ask my self why wait until the dam breaks isn't one crack enough, if not a huge problem what about regular maintenance. I was convenience, then I was thinking oh no what if it burns? I had a lot of silly questions after that but I pushed past them all and said hey I can't stay in the bathroom forever, someone is bound to come looking for me or wanting something. So I took the plunge and just did it, besides I had read the directions like fifty times. Here are the instructions;

1.Wash your hands and vaginal area with mild soap and water. 2.Sit or squat with your legs open. 3.Remove the cap from bottle. 4.Pump once to apply tightening gel to middle fingertip. 5.Apply gel with your fingertip inside the vagina in a circular motion. 6.Simply wait for a few minutes to help the gel absorb into the vaginal walls. (Apply Firm Gel twice daily for best results.)

I myself have had kids so I am coming from the perspective of that and the overall health of my vulva. Some might say who would need a product like this, well those that had any type of childbrith but the rougher it was the more you need it, for hormonal changes (which happens all of the times ladies even after menopause), aging (your neck is not the only thing sagging). Here are a list of conditions that it can assist with as well:
  • helps to heal vulva tissue
  • reduce excess discharge
  • improve vitality
  • restore elasticity

When I applied it it was a sensation alright but not nearly what I was afraid of, it was more of a very slight warming sensation. This formula is made so that it easily absorbs into the tissue without falling out and that is what I experienced. If you experience it falling out then I would say that you are doing it wrong or putting too much on, I only used a small amount. This bottle is suppose to last you over a month and a half using it two times a day; so you are not using that much. I also do kegals daily and with this product it is no difference, I did them daily using this also. I had committed to try this for 10 days and then see my results and it has been over 16 days now and I know this has worked because it is getting harder and harder to perform my daily kegals exercises. Here are some tips from the manufacture:
  • use it twice daily
  • Goes without saying not during menstruation or pregnancy
  • For optimal results use 45 days then only continue use as needed

Again if you have had a lot of scaring or activity in that area then you would need to use it longer to see your desired results.  I myself saw results right away within a few days but everyone's body is different. One last thing, goes without saying but wait close to fifteen to thirty minutes before sexual activity to allow time for the cream to absorb in your walls. It can be purchased at I received this for free for my honest review.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Product Review: All Natural Brain Supplement - Fast Acting Memory, Focus, Productivity, & Energy Complex. Rapid Cognitive Performance Aid - Naturally Support Brain Health from Optimal-Effects

I have traded in my energy supplements for brain supplements. I just love the clarity of thought no matter what the task before me is, I have tackled it with such precision that I almost impress myself. I use to take energy supplements all of the time but what I was really needing was a brain supplement. For an example, this weekend I wanted to clean out the closets over the next week or two;in the past I would take a energy supplement and move fast. This time I had been taking these supplements for some days and took it on the day in question. Not only did I clean the closet of old clothes for donation but organized the clothes I was keeping and did a huge load of laundry.
That might not sound like a lot but it was not what I did but more how I did it, I was able to decide quickly which clothes I wanted to donate without sitting there staring and asking myself the question for a long time. As I have aged I have noticed that I have been very indecisive and it takes me longer than usual to make decisions. I finally have a secret formula to assist me, I am no longer of ordering at any restaurant. I also like that it is made in the USA. I received these brain pills for free for my honest unbiased review. Can be purchased

Product Review: Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins + Biotin Diamond Herbs from Diamond


When it comes to vitamins I look for the following; if it is non-GMO, veggie capsule and for a Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamin I also look for the ingredient Biotin. Been taking these pills for officially fourteen days and my nails are not only growing but the nail bed looks healthy nice and pink. For a French manicure since I invested in myself I only need clear finger nail polish. I do not need the white polish for the tips they are white enough.

You take two capsules daily with food to prevent upset stomach and for it to absorb easier into your body. They also have a warning it says the following:
“Do not take this supplement within one hour of taking medications”
Lastly it is made in the good of US of A at a FDA registered facility. I received this product heavily discounted for my honest unbiased review.

Can be purchased at
Fell free to use this LIMITED TIME PROMOTION: Buy One get One 25% off with coupon code Q6WEXZ4U.

Produt Review: Collapsible over the sink colander silicone strainer with extendable handle

I like this sink strainer I used it for many purposes.  It came in handy during our pasta night, when we make spaghetti in our family we tend to make a lot.

 So it held all of our tall pot of wheat pasta strings.  Wheat pasta weighs more than regular pasta and this strainer stood up to my family request for more.  It also has a sanitary component also, it is made in such a way that you can hang it on your kitchen sink but my pasta did not touch the sink. 

It allowed me to be hands free,someway I just pull the sides out and set it on the sink. The side handles are adjustable, so you do not have to worry about the size of sink if it is small or really wide the  handles will adjust and expand to fit just about any size.  Then I grabbed the pot and pour the pasta.  Clean up was easy I just rinsed off any residue and dropped it on the dishwasher, since it is dishwasher safe. Once It was cleaned I collapses it and then pushed in the sides and it easily fit into my cabinet.  There is a bonus spatula included also. I received this collapsible colander for free for my honest review.  Can be purchased at

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Product Review: Easy@Home Deluxe Bluetooth Digital Weight and BMI Smart Scale

This year I made a goal to be more health conscious which includes loosing weight and eating more healthy type foods. In order to loose weight I made being more active a part of the goal so that it is balance and loosing weight is achievable. Everyone knows to contact their doctor before beginning any workout regimen you should consult with your doctor and also monitor your progress. Even though this has many features it is fairly simple to use. I have tried this with and without the blue tooth app and it does do weight measurements with the app. The app enhances your experience with other measurement options and storage of your numbers for tracking purposes.
My experience is one of luxury, it make my bathroom look like a hotel bathroom. You have to see it to believe it. My feet felt comfortable and as soon as I step on it it turned on and went forth in taking measurements. It is true if it is left alone for around after eight seconds it does auto shut off.

Setting up the Bluetooth app
Option A – Search for the words “EasyHomeScale” in the Apple store or Google store, depending on the device that you have and install the app
Option B -On the back of the scale itself are QR codes for different devices. One is for an IOS device and the other one is for an Android device. Scan the one that correspond to the device you are using.

For best results that are truly accurate do not weigh yourself on a any surface, including soft surfaces and only do it on hard smooth surfaces. 

The limit of measurement on the reinforced, tempered glass top is up to 400 lbs. They give you everything you need to enjoy this product, four AA alkaline batteries. The app can store up to ten users data that means it is good for the whole family.  Can be purchased at  #EasyScaleEBW102

Monday, April 25, 2016

Being a Product Reviewer: Facebook Groups

I started doing product reviews by accident truthfully.  I started joining groups on Facebook that had coupon advice or sample offerings.  While looking through news feed on various Facebook pages I saw some posts with pictures stating they received it for free for their honest review.  Then I saw review groups posting asking for new members.  I joined one and was hooked, that was about the beginning of February.  Now I have joined a lot of groups and they are all about the same in what they want.

First fill out there member form

After filling out so many forms I now have a cheat sheet so I do not have keep searching for the answers.  For all of your social networks, copy and paste your profile link.  All groups also want your Amazon profile link.

How do you find this, is a picture tutorial from AmzReviewTrader, Source link:

Copy (Command/Ctrl C) the URL on the top of the browser page and paste (Command/Ctrl P) the link into the required field on your AMZ Review Trader registration or profile.

Your Amazon Public Profile Link

How to find your Amazon Public Profile Link and enter it into your AMZ Review Trader profile.
Your profile link is required for you to be eligible to review the products for great discounts on AMZ Review Trader.
Go to, go to the “Your Account” tab i the top menu. Then click on the link for “Your Account” in the drop down menu.
This will take you to “your account” page. Scroll down the page to the section titled “Personalization”
Within the Personalization section, click on the link “Your Public Profile” which is under the “Community” category.
Make sure you copy the whole link address including the and the ID at the end.
PRO TIP: We highly recommend filling out your amazon profile fully while you are on the page on amazon. This will help the merchants get to know you and will also result in better review
In order to post any review on Amazon, not just from a group I mean even a personal review  you have to purchase at least one item.  No matter what the price of the item you need to purchase one item in order to verify your address.

In order to be accepted into these groups you have to provide that you know how to review by posting at least 5 reviews of anything that you have bought on Amazon or have around your house.

A couple of other things you need to know about Facebook Review Groups is there are also administrative task that you need to do to stay in them.  What are they you may ask?  Checking the groups Facebook Page for announcements.  When there are announcements you will usually need to read it in its entirety and in the post there are specific instructions as to what to comment.

Warning!!! This is a very easy task but make sure you do it because it could be groups for them to either remove you from the group or ban you. These group admins talk to each other so it could also get you removed from another group too.

Opting in
On these groups page they will post when a product is up for review, it will have a picture and instructions.  Some post late at night and some through-out the day.  Again may sure you read all of the instructions and that you hover the person that submitted it to the group to make sure you are friends with them.  When you comment on a post you are saying the group admin or to the seller directly what you will do for the product.  Videos will usually get preference over everything else, you do not need a youtube channel to do a video but if you have it then it is another social network that you can offer a seller.
Types of review
  • Video
  • Picture - 2 at least
  • Text only - You will hrdly get pick if you choose this option and not many sellers like this.  But if you only do text make it as close to 100 words as possible.  The minimal is 75
Social shares
Blog Post - if did a video include it and at least 2 pictures so it looks appealing not just words
Ok so now you have been chosen for a review from a Facebook group, what now? Are you familiar with Facebook messenger/chat feature?  So once a admin decides to choose you for a promotion/product they will add you to a chat.  Again read the instructions listed in the chat about the product.  Some chats will have one code that everyone in the chats uses and some will have a list of names and beside each name will be a different code.  Either way once you are on the page of the item that they want you to order, add it to your cart.  Then copy the code for the Facebook chat into the promotion box, make sure that the code went through.  How do you know it went through?  Well on the right hand side shows your balance and if that does not change then do the code again.  Always contact the group admin if there is a problem with a code.  Some admins will have you order the product and copy and paste the order number into the chat and that is it.  Some admins will want you to do that plus fill out a order form.  Once you have ordered mute the chat so that you are not messaged every time someone else orders or ask a question.
Do not "leave the conversation" until you have reviewed the product and submitted the review form. Some groups do not want you do leave until they have checked your review and stated it is ok for you to leave.

Here is a list of some Facebook groups but there are so many more.  Know this for every group that you request to join it will take up keep, meaning reading their announcements.  How do you find Facebook review groups, do a search for either reviews or product reviews. Next g to groups and start joining and as you scroll down more will appears.

Getting Started
Once you have pressed join now they are in your groups on the left hand sign of the screen when you are on your home page.  Click on a group and directly under their name are the following tabs
Discussion - there is where important things like the Pinned post, announcements and product promotions they have open or closed
Members - click this tab, this will show two other tabs, Members and Admins
Click on Admins and send request to them all.  If you are not friends with the admins when they choose you for a promotion they will have to skip over you because they can not add you to chat to give you the promotion code to buy the product.  If this happens too many times you may be removed from the group.
Facebook Reviewer Groups
1. Get Chinese Products for Review:
2. Join Sinriu To Get Free Stuff:
3. Amazon Review-Deals and Groupon:

5. Welcome More Amazon Reviewer-TOUCHBeauty:
6. Nowkin Free Sample Club:
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10. Free Sample Or Big Discount For My Proudct Reviews:
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20. Amazon Review Club aka ARC:
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22. Amazon Fitness and Furniture Products Review Group:
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34. Reviewers and Sellers exchange group:
35. Amazon Prime review- big discount and free product!:
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37. Amazon Products Reviews & More:
38. Amazon VIP Clearance sale shopping mall: (they also post a lot of deals that dont require reviews)

40. Amazon Review/Reviewers Family:
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44. UReview:
45. Amazon Sellers FBA Sunshine:

47. Amazon Products 25%-75% off!:
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49. United Group of Reviewers:
50. Amazon FBA Review Club:
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52. True Living Reviews (TLR):
53. Eagle Eye Review Group:
54. Reviewers on Amazon:

56. The Review Group:
57. VicTsing Fans:
58. Fabulous Awesome Reviews:
59. A.F. Reviewers:
60. Amazon reviews club (FBA, FBM, US, UK):
61. Amazon Deals & Freebies for Reviews (Invite Your Friends):
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63. Trophy Reviews:
64. US FBA Reviewers Group:
65. SnagedIt Amazon Reviewers:
66. Tiffany's Online Finds And Deals:
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68. Amazon Product Reviews and Order:
69. The Grinch Who Gives Review Group:
70. Amazon reviewer:
71. Reviews Gone Wild:
72. Amazon Reviewers Needed:

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Product Review: Click to open expanded view JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror with Power Locking Suction Cup, Built-in Razor Hook, and 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Arm

Got this for my wonderful hard working husband who is is currently working on growing a beard but still has to shave daily. He shaves around the design he would like his beard to be so he needs precision and while shaving is the perfect time. Having a anti-fog mirror has made this task not a burden. This mirror is coated with some type of anti-fogging chemical that prevents fog from building up on it. During your daily shower just put some warm soapy water at least once and it will be fog free throughout your shower. One thing I like about this mirror is that it works well when you need it and can be taken down without ruining the material it was stuck to.

Acceptable Surfaces
Ceramic Tiles

Non Acceptable Spaces

Application of Mirror
First check the surface that you are thinking about placing the mirror. First thing you are looking for is what type of surface is it? Rough like very bumpy? Smooth or fine granite? Do you have at least 3 inches of space? Well as long as it you have the right kind of surface and enough space your in business. Before you apply it one last thing make sure the surface is clean and dry. Put the suction cup against the surface and twist the ring about halfway and that is it, your ready to go.

Other features of this mirror is that it has a arm between the suction cup and the mirror swivels and rotates 360 degree rotation. Which is great for my 6 foot husband and my short self.

 Lastly there is a place you could hang a hook. I received this product for free for my honest review.  It can be purchased at

Friday, April 22, 2016

Product Review: Norty - Womens Rosetta 1 Whip Stitch Flip Flop Sandal

Well my feet are unique so I have different criteria for different types of shoes. For example I get a larger size in boots to accommodate the thick tights and two pairs of socks sometimes. For gym shoes I usually get either size nine or ten depending on the make of the shoe. I have flat feet so having different types of arch support is something I always have on hand. For sandals if they are flat like these are I do not expect much arch support.

My feet are thick and wide but my toes are short as you can see in the picture. Even though my toes are short still there is a lot of room in the length of the shoe. There is also room in the width even though my feet are thick and wide.

Due to their thickness of my feet sliding into the shoe it is a snug fit, not painful just snug. I wore these a couple of days ago during the peak of warm weather for my areas, it lasted for two days straight so I wore them two days straight, just about all day. I would say it was about 9 hour total each day so for a total of eighteen hours.

 My feet was comfortable at the end of the day. I went for a walk in the park and it had a pretty large track and then walked home. The shoe felt and fitted as when I put it on earlier that morning. I received these sandals heavily discounted for my honest review.  They can be purchased on Amazon at the following link:

Product Review: Pro-Nu Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum(5ml)- Thicker, Longer Eyelashes & Eyebrows Enhancer

I for one believe in investing in yourself rather than artificial if you can help it. Obviously I am not saying if you can not grow due to a disease or a gland issue then that previous statement does not apply to you but to those who pay for fake lashes year after year if you like artificial then that is on you but as for me I like enhancing my own natural beauty. 

 Spring is the perfect time and I have been at it daily for about two weeks and starting to see the buds of results. The way that this works it not only works to improve or make a noticeable difference of the lashes but also improve the condition of the lashes and brows. What this means is not only do you get the immediate effect but the over all health of your lashes and brows are being improved every time that you use them. Since the over all health of them are being improved once you stop using it your results will not fall off. 

According to the manufacture it says use it for at the very least two weeks to four weeks for best results. I received this heavily discounted for my honest review.  Can be purchased at the following link:

Product Review: Lucear Best Travel Umbrella 10-rib Compact, Windproof Rain Umbrellas with UV Protection 50+ UPF (Blue)

I have had other umbrellas that could barely stand up to a gentle breeze never mind a strong wind. As soon as I received this umbrella in the mail I noticed that it was different right off jump street. First the box was heavy or had some weight to it. I thought that some of my other shipments had came with it but was surprised when I open the box to find it only was the umbrella. 

The outer case has a drawstring which comes in handy when traveling you need as much space saving as you can get. The handle is made to fit your hand and your fingers also have a place to rest each of them comfortably. The handle is long enough to accommodate larger hands as my husbands or my smaller hand with room. There is a push button designed to lengthen it or retract it back to its mini-size. 

Once I opened it, I noticed again this is not just any old umbrella there was springs on the inside. That is how it can stand firm no matter what type of wind comes its way. The fabric is coated with material that makes the water just run off and blocks most ultraviolet light (50+ UPF). 

Closing it was a task until I held the handle with it facing the ground and pulled a little on the inner part. Then the next time I pressed the button and it closed, not sure if I wasn't doing it right before but I pressed the button hard the second time and it closed quickly. I received this product heavily discounted for my honest review.
Can be purchased for a affordable price on Amazon at the following link
Are you ready for this rainy season?

Product Review: Vbiger Fashion Men's Ratchet Belt Automatic Buckle Full Grain Genuine Leather 35mm Wide

This is by far the best belt ever and quite different. This is our first ratchet type of belt or device that I have ever gotten. Having a fashionable husband has its good and bad; bad is when you have to step up your game for anything you buy for him. Even things like a simple little belt becomes complicated, is it sturdy does it have a fashionable buckle? These are the questions I can hear him saying as I view the belt selections in the stores. I finally gave up hope on accessories in main stream retail establishments and went to searching online. Most of the time you can get great prices on unbelievable style setters, that's what I call accessories. 

Accessories I believe set your outfit or style, because think about it anyone can get a name brand outfit but which type of accessories you choose will either compliment or stand out in the worst way. For example you ever see someone with a gorgeous necklace and some dingy run down clothes? Its like ok that was not the best use of that necklace. For a man his belt and shoes are the most valuable asset to their outfit.
I did not take the decision to try a ratchet belt lightly but we are so glad that we did. The freedom of not having to deal with hole or loop is freeing he says. Adjusting it is simple also just chick the tab to release the best if you need more room or need it to be tighter. He moved around, jumped up and down , moved side to side and the best did not let go of its hold. The quality of the material is thick, smooth and sweat resistant. He wore it all day and even thought the pants had sweat there was no smells on the belt.
It fit into multiple type of pants, his jeans, shorts, dress pants, casual pants; large belt loops and short tight belt loops with ease. This is a whole new design that has been a long time coming. His old belt that cost way more than this one we recently had to throw away. It lasted for a long time but what ultimately did it in was the adjusting process; with every new whole it weaken the material which ultimately starting tearing which went to beyond repair. With this design it almost double the life of the belt by not having holes. Not to mention the gold plated buckle which set off his outfit and had him going about in style. I received this belt heavily discounted for my honest review.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Product Review: Ozeri BP01K CardioTech Pro Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Health and Hypertension Indicator

Having a spouse with hypertension this device came in right on time. The doctor told him that he needed to monitor his blood pressure and cholesterol and keep a journal. I like this version of a blood pressure because I do not need to have training on how to use it. No pumping and counting just wrap around wrist, hold the palm up and press start. This does the thinking for you and it adjust itself based on user. 

 The two things that it uses to individualize the reading is
Real-time blood pressure detection
Automatic inflation along with dynamic measurement technology

I said all of that to say that it can be used by more than one person. It can store up to 180 blood pressure readings that equals to ninety for two users; a total of 180 readings with date and time recordings. This will go along way if you are keeping a journal, it will help you to be extremely accurate. Another safety feature is it has detection for
Irregular heartbeat or Arrhythmia
Hypertension Indicator

Lastly it can also calculate your average blood pressure. Can be purchased at I received this product for free for my honest review.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Prodcut reveiw: Swift-n-Snug 2 Person Camping Tent

What comes with this purchase are the following:
Carry case
ground stakes
2 sets of poles
top – the roof of the tent is vented
We had so much fun with this tent and my husband is about six feet tall and could fit comfortably sitting and when he laid down stretched out. I sat next to him and laid down and there was room for two backpacks and a rolled up blanket. We hung out mini USB fan on the top hook and enjoyed the sounds of nature. I have to say that it was windy outside and started to get chilly but once we zipped up the tent after a couple of minutes it got warm for us both and I like heat.

Set up is easy just put the sticks through the loops and connect the clips to it and stick the ends in the hold. One thing I would like to say is the sticks need to be cris crossed . There are not any instructions, it must be a male team, they know that men do not like to read instructions anyway. My husband is no different so I as I am sure many wives have done ask him a question to draw him over to the computer and just so happen to have the picture of the tent up and he asked to see it.

Women, I know you all have done it, when you have a prideful man in your life, make a suggestion but make it seem like they made it. He looked at the photo like two times and put it together in five minutes, and said he didn't need it but just want to see how they did it.

Lastly here is the only picture I could get since the take down process was so quick. 

Here is how we ended the morning, it was so quick I got one pic of the take down process. 

Here is the bag that it came in

I received this tent heavily discounted for my honest review.

Product Review: Hot Dog & Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Extra Long 32" Telescoping Smores Forks Set of 4 Skewers

Summer is coming and to most people that means camping and outdoor activities. To some camping is on their list of activities but just like everything else the better prepared you are the smoother it will go. My family already had its first mini camping trip and it went pretty good but the marshmallow roasting was one thing that went very well. We all like smore's but the alternative is unsanitary sticks with who knows the amount of germs that are on them, or which animal has relieve themselves on it before you put your food on it.

These are long enough for hot dogs and marshmallows, so just wipe and cook. Other things that can be cooked on them are the following:Shish kabob, meat and for the health conscious vegetables. The knobs on it helps to keep the food on the stick and not in the flame or grill.

If you would like a cleaner clean the heads of these utensils can be easily removed. When it comes to storage you have a couple of options, there are leather cords on the end and they can be hanged or put in the Canvas bag.  Can be purchased at  #SmoresSticks

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Product Review: SOMASIX Magnetic Letters and Numbers - Educational Refrigerator Magnet Set for Kids 62 Pieces

These letter are intended for small children and the manufacturer recommends the following age range; 36 months to five years. Older kids and even adults that want to pass messages to each other can use it also. We got a lot of uses out of these letters but for the before school age child these are great teaching tools. There are a total of 62 pieces that are divided up between lower and upper case letters and a set of numbers. So that comes to 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters and 10 numbers.

Not only can you teach letters but by having lower and upper case you can do spelling of proper nouns, such as your child's name or the city you live in. This is what we did at least, the size of them are great for small hands. A safety feature is that the magnet is securely in the letter and surrounded so no one could pick at it for it to be taken out. 

As always supervise any toddler or smaller child because they explore by tasting things so it could if unsupervised be a choking hazard. I love the bright colors and I received these magnets for free for my honest review. Can be purchased at #SOMASIXALPHABETMAGNETS