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Sunday, February 28, 2016

A note on Learning

First of all I started this blog to share my opinions and any wisdom along the way in regards to savings, coupons and do it yourself crafts, recipes, etc. I am a stay at home mom who believes in being active all year around. That did not just start once I became a adult, even in my youth I was into everything. As a youth I was active in the school and the community and area churches. I always had that sense of life that it needed to be experienced and whether or not you have finances or not there is a whole world out there that can be enjoyed. 

Truthfully some of the most adventurous times I have had in my life has been when I was low on finances or literally had not one dime in my pocket. So if I had adventurous when I was flat broke and a youth you know being a adult I would continue and maybe even improve that way of life. Most people will exclude themselves from events and sit around the house depressed because they do no have the funds to purchase anything at lets say a county fair, not me. 

One example is one time when my older two kids were toddlers we were living in Chicago, IL and a music festival which is a free event was scheduled and we had no monies. We did not even have bus fare to get there, we packed a lunch and walked all the way there. We brought water bottles for our drinks and a blanket in cased it rain, which it did. Did we have the time of our lives, yes we did actually it turned out that would be the last Gospel Music festival in a public park of Chicago. What if we had stayed home because we did not have funds to go to neighboring restaurants once the festival was done? Our decision that day to not let our present circumstances determine or make our decisions was historic, we did not find out until later that was the last gospel festival outdoors. You never know the people that you may meet or the connections or better yet the information you could find out by not limiting yourself. 

If it is one thing I would say someone reading this post is do not limit yourself due to lack of finances, I would work on your mind and thoughts first then your financial then how tot manage them. The reason that I say it in that order is, working on your mind first allows you to enjoy life even while you are working on your goals. Have you ever seen people who say or heard of people who say I'll be happy when I achieve this or that? Then turns out that they are either not happy once they get there or they make another goal and do not even take time to celebrate reaching the first one. All I am saying is we all are just trying to make it day to day, whether you have a income or not. I have had really good paying jobs and not had any job but I have always kept the same mentally which is to be as efficient as possible. Where people usually get in trouble is that when they go from not working for a long time to working they go out and buy a whole lot of stuff that they have been wanting. 

The problem is they do not use discipline to find the best deal or make a plan so not to spend up all of their funds. For example, one time I had not work anywhere for a whole year it had started getting to me mentally. I was thinking man will I still have what it takes when I find a job, I was asking myself what is relevant in the secretarial world. I have been doing administration work since I received my first work permit in high school so no matter the industry I work for, for profit and non for profit I have always done administration. Low and behold I found a job, and may I add it was unintended networking. I went to a summer festival and a older woman saw my family eating sandwiches which sparked up a memory of when her kids was younger. Then she started talking about how proud she was of her daughter working at this prestigious place, ask me where I work I said I was unemployed and she said how her daughters job was hiring.

My life strategy is be as efficient as possible with your resources to make sure that they are allocated correctly. Some of you may say well that is the problem I do not have any resources or I am very limited, well maybe the problem is not with the resources but how you think of them. Did you count time as a resource, well if you did not then you are thinking too big. Start out with what you do have, do not wait until you have more money to spare the you will start couponing or saving. I have been a resourceful person since I could remember and not afraid of failure or asking questions. 

If you just keep at it you will eventually find your own personal groove and once you find that then will be unstoppable. Each person has their own thing and their own way of doing stuff that works for them, as you start reading blog articles and books you will probably hear of thousands ways to do the same thing. It is up to you to find what works for your personality, budget, or your way of life and do not be afraid to cut and paste. To let say get one pointer from one person and another from another person rather than their whole strategy. I for one believe that we should all be the best that we could be in whatever state we are in, no matter the situation you are in. This is the best time as any to start learning saving methods, with the economy the way it is there is a abundance of information out there.

 Happy learning/discovering!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Product Review: 2 Sets of 12 Baby Monthly Stickers by Born & Beyond

Have you ever went through photos trying to guess when it was taken and how old your child was?  Well you search is over I found a simple little stickers that is stylish yet useful in documenting.  Born and Beyond produced these monthly stickers that have a different scene/picture for every month. They are really nice, bright colored stickers that help you capture those precious moments. 

I like these stickers, they are way better than I thought they would be.  The colors are really nice to show up when you take pictures of your child.  The stickers itself is thick and not all thin and easy to tear.  Plus having two sets are needed if you have twins or it helps you to document more than one precious month, for example a birthday and a holiday. 

Received this product for free or heavily discounted for my review. Can purchase these 2 Sets of 12 Baby Monthly Stickers by Born & Beyond on Amazon. #bornandbeyond

Product Review: effective Colon clease

I chose this product due to it's claim of detoxing and cleaning the colon. I have had unpleasant to say the least results, I have taken many colon cleansers over the years and truthfully some did not work. I feel like if You have to take it more than 2 days and no results or you do not feel anything then what is the use of taking it.

 With this product it says to take two tablets before bedtime with 8 oz of water of which I did. I took it at bed and by later on that evening I started javascript:; feeling it. What i like is that it was not a violent feeling more of a consistent strategy. The pill is a capsule and easy to swallow with no after taste, I took it and forgot about it until later on that evening.

Received this product for free/heavily discounted for my honest and unbiased review. Can be purchased at  #AcaiBerryColonCleanseAndDetox

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Product Review: Aposon Sport Watch Black

Ever hear that saying you get what you pay for, well sometimes you get way more than you paid in a good way.  Loving this stylish all in one sports watch. Its face is big enough that I can see everything without having to crease my eyes when I' moving and needing to see the time.  No more stopping my workout in order to see what time it is or how long I've been working out.

This photo shows the watch right out of the box being modeled by my husband.  He is a man of large bone structure but did not have nay size issues with this watch.  It is an essential for any outdoor activity, not only does it glow but there is an additional light that can be turned on that is really bright.  So I would say that it is for day or night activities also.  It does so much I feel like I am not giving it justice so I am going to allow the manufacture to detailed all of its many features:


  • • WATERPROOF FUNCTION: 164 ft waterproof (50 M) - 5ATM. NOTE: please DO NOT press any buttons in the water

    • DESIGN for SPORT: shock resistant, stop watch, military 24H time mode, and LED back light functions make it perfect for all kind of sport and daily use

    • SIMPLE and FASHION: sport fashion design with simplicity, perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities

    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Calendar Date Week Month, Alarm, Water Resistant, LED Display, Back Light, Shock Resistant, Stop Watch
Key Features: 
• Original Japanese Quartz Movement: provide precise and accurate time keeping
• Electronic LED Dial
• Back Light
• Military Time: 24 hours date, week, month
• Clendar with date, week, month
• Alarm mode function
• Stop Watch Timer
• Shock Resistant, suitable for a both outdoor and indoor sports, such as running, climbing, ect
• 5 ATM Waterproof: 164 Ft / 50 M (Lifetime waterproof, not suitable for long time underwater activities - shower, swimming. Please DONOT press any buttons underwater.)

• Case Material: Rubber, Plastic
• Band Material: Rubber
• Mirror Surface: Mineral Glass Mirror

• Dial Case Diameter: 1.9 inch / 4.7 cm
• Band width: 0.8 / 2.1 cm
• Band Length: 9.8 inch / 25 cm. ( Suitable for 6.7-8.5 inch in circumference wrists to wear )
• Watch Weight: 2.4 oz / 68 g

• Please DO NOT Press Any Buttons Underwater. Also avoid the use in extreme hot or cold temperature
• If mist or droplets found inside watch surface, please contact manufacturer immediately for maintenance to prevent moisture corrosion of the internal components
• Clean the strap by a soft cloth on regular bases is highly recommended.
• Too much watch contact will shorten watch life.

What Is In The Package:
• Watch x 1
• Instruction Manual x 1
This is my little assistant/workout buddy.  Received this watch for free/heavily discounted for my honest, Un-biased review. Can be purchased at

Product Review: ISA Heat Resitant Glove

Did a product review and demo of me using this heat resistant glove.  A couple of things to note the company says tat this love was designed for a woman but it is made from stretchy material.  Being that it is made from innovative  stretchy material it can fit from XS to Large size hands.  So for men I would just take the made for woman with a grain of salt. Also it can be used on the left or right hands and it is reusable, just hand wash and let air dry flat.

 Some other notable features that actually makes it heat resistant is this material called High-Tech DuPont NOMEX Aramid.  This is notable because Aerospace and the military use it to protect them.  Also the Nomex is used by fire fighters to protect them so you are in good hands to use this product.  Keep the beautiful hands protected and be the curling champ or the straightening champ, you are in good hands.

Can be purchased at #isaprofessional

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Product Review:All American Shot Pop Up Soccer Goal

Not sure how others have been feeling but I can not get  the Ground Hog day prediction out of my mind.  Its as if he gave a weather forecast for far out in the future, get ready, get ready Spring is coming.  Almost like it set a timer off in me and I have been going through my whole house  taking inventory of what I have and what I need.

One of my goals for this year is to be more active so I have proactively sought outdoor family activities that we can enjoy together.  This is my first purchase in the line of many follow me on my journey to healthy living.  Back to this pop-up Soccer goal, have some time on your hand and some open grass (doesn't have to be a whole field) you have a soccer game or kick ball  Being that it is kind of cold and messy on the fields or grass we tried this in the house and I let the guys have at it.  The net caught the ball so I was not worried about the ball hitting any fine china per say.

It comes with a carrying case that has a convenient strap to carry from the car onto the field.  Next you just unzip it and pull it out, it then automatically just opes up to this picture.  When you are done just fold it and put it in the bag. It also includes the anchoring stakes to keep it in place while enjoying yourself.

Can be purchased at #allamericanshot

Product Review: Limm Portabe Charger

I for one have been looking for an alternative to the plug in charger, especially when I am out and about.  When I first heard about portable charger I was really excited to try it.  Besides who wants to be one of those people all bunched up on the wall trying to give your phone some juice only to check your email and have to go right back to the wall to charge it some more? Not me so that is why  I went to researching on Amazon to get the most bang for my buck.

This charger is compatible with the following:

-iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S/5/5C, iPods 5 and up
-All Apple tablets: iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPod Pro
-All Samsung Smartphones and Tablets
-HTC, LG and any device with a Micro-USB or Lightning connection
-GoPros and other Cameras with Micro-USB connection

If that isn't enough it has built-in IC (Integrated Circuit) also protects against over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection.

I received this charger for free/heavily discounted for my honest, un-biased opinion, un-compensated. It can be purchased at #limmportablecharger

Product Review: Smart Shower FIlter

I have found yet another item to add to my beauty routine.  Having the most expensive facial or body care products is just a piece of the puzzle.  It starts with the water, if the water that you are using is hard and has other chemicals in it your skin might not be getting all of the benefits that your beauty products are promising.  I know what you are thinking, what can I do about it without breaking the bank?  I have a quick, easy and not to mention affordable solution if you are willing to change your shower head.

Here is my review of the Smart Shower head Filter.

This can be purchased at  Note they are running a special launching price and when used with this coupon code #C6FU4K9Q you get a addtional 10% off and already promo price. #SmartShowerFilter

Monday, February 22, 2016

Product Review: Crescendo Athletics knee sleeve


 The photo on the left is the item right out of the box packaging and the one on the right is my husband modeling it. We both tried this on and used it and we both agree that it was super comfortable and all that you could feel was soft fabric no stitching or creases. Other than that my video review explains it all. I did a video review of a compression knee sleeve, detailing my experience with it after wearing it for almost two weeks everyday.

 I received this knee sleeve for free/heavily discounted in exchange for my honest unbiased review, uncompensated. Where can you get your hands on one of these handy devices, head on over to Amazon at #CrescendoAthletics

Saturday, February 20, 2016

E-Book Brandon Colker's How to Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs

Title: Brandon Colker's How to Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs
Author:Brandon Colker's
Length: 1 hour, 2 min

Listen to another e-book today and this one was not that long of a listen either. From my point of view the author has a holistic point of view. Not only does he discuss the physical steps that need to be taken he also talks about what is needed in order to take that steps. One example of this is when he discusses the frame of mind you need to be in in order to take it. There are also humorous stories used as analogies to further drive home specific points that the author is trying to highlight.

Received this Live Infinitely exercise ball for free/Heavily Discounted for my honest and unbiased review, un-compensated . This product can be purchased at For further information about the author go to . #BrandonColker

Product Reiew: Stability/Exercise Ball

Recently, I got the opportunity to review an exercise ball and I am so happy that I did.  I came into this new year with some goals and plans and weight loss was one of them.  I feel that making small changes is the key to any long lasting change other wise you will go back to your old habits. This ball is the first of many items I have on my list.

Two things to note about this ball is pay attention when ordering and when inflating. When it comes to ordering you should get the ball size that correlates to your height. It also depends on what you are trying to use the ball for, if for exercise then I would order according to height but if you are trying to use it as a ball chair they recommend ordering the 75cm to 85 cm.
  • Shorter than 5' 6": 55cm
  • From 5' 6" - 5' 11": 65cm
  • From 6' 0" - 6' 4": 75cm
  • Taller than 6' 4": 85cm
If all else fails you know that the ball you chosen is the right size for you if when you are sitting your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees are at a 90-degree angle.

What does it come with? Surprisingly everything that you need the ball, instructions, hand air pump,
air valve remover tool. Now the instructions, when I comes to inflating this ball it should be done in increments. What I mean about that is it should be done about 70% or 80% and allowed to stretch for a full 24 hours then you can use the pump again to do the other 30% to 20%. Doing this not only allows for the ball to stretch but also ensures that you will be able to use it for a long time. It comes in three colors: black, green and purple.

Is it hard to take care of? No, you do not need to go out and buy some expensive cleaning product or special cloth. Any cleaning cloth that you have laying around the house with a warm water and mild soap combination.
Like the ball? Well the instruction sheet has a picture of their full product line so you can along with their website address. The instruction sheet also has a bonus, a link to a website were you can download a free ball workout exercises PDF.

Received this Live Infinitely exercise ball for free/Heavily Discounted for my honest and unbiased review, un-compensated . This product can be purchased at #liveinfinitely

Product Review: Neuro/memory Boost

First of all this memory booster comes in a clear capsule which is the only con; I can think of for people who have difficulty with swallowing pills in this form.  For me I just drink extra fluids with any large pill coated or capsule. Two key ingredients are the Gingo Biloba and St. John's Wort.  Gingo ingredient is responsible for the increasing blood circulation all throughout your body which includes the brain.  So that is why I felt like I was able to remember things, focus more easier and my thoughts were more clearer.  St. John's wort helps to boost my mood and although I had a lot to do today I was not stressed. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs to tackle a variety of errands or those in school or anyone who would like to be more productive throughout the day.

Received this Neuro Boost for free/Heavily Discounted for my honest and unbiased review, un-compensated . This product which I highly recommend if you have a lot on your plate or a little this will help you get it done and can be purchased at a reasonable .  #memorybooster

Friday, February 19, 2016

Product Review: Hello Cutie Facial Cleanser

Facial Cleansers especially ones that have cleansing beads in them I am usually cautious of them due to my sensitive skin. So that is why I tried this one out for a couple of days, like four or five before I wrote a product review for you all so that I would be confident in my endorsement.

 The photo on the far left is before, the one in the middle is a snap shot of me using the product as you can see it is a thin cleanser and the one on the far right is my satisfied with my results face.  I look a little funny since I am taking a selfie and still getting use to my phone camera.

 My video pretty much explains it all, so here it is.

I have to say after you use it you ca feel it working on your face and your face feels firmer. I would not say tight or anything and I also notice a slight change in its softness.

Received Glam Essentials: Hello Cutie Facial Cleanser for free/Heavily Discounted for my honest and unbiased review, un-compensated through Tomoson. Tomoson has relationships with all types of companies and you can apply to review many types of products or get really good deals in exchange for a review. This product can be purchased at a affordable price at, use code GETGLAM9 #HelloCutieFacialCleanser

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Product review: E-Book How to Monetize your blog

Name of Book: How to Monetize your blog
Author: Luke Weil
Length of book: under an Hour

I have not listen to a book on tape or an e-book in a long time. I guess it depends on the type of book but for me I am old fashion. There is something about the physical book experience that I almost feel cheated when listening to an e-book. The look of it, is it brand new and shiny from being undiscovered or do you have to take special care of it due to it's being the main attraction for long while. The sound, does the pages crack as you turn due to the type of material it was printed on or does it whistle because the paper weight is light as a feather. The feel of it, is it slick and thin or rough and thick. The condition, is there a treasure map left by the previous reader with little nuggets left in various places of the page. Then there's the content, you can make your own treasure map with a physical book but I digress.

There are also other reasons that I have been against e-books I know myself and how I learn generally I am a visual learning. In school I always ask the teacher for a copy of the visual presentations in order to follow along. For some reason it seems like my brain clicked when I had it in my hand and also I could write notes instead of trying to reproduce the graphic on the board then write down the lecture about it.

I have to say was pleasantly surprised with this book, I guess it help that I am interested in the subject matter. The voice was easy to listen to and he articulated well so I could just sit back and enjoy the information being spoken instead of trying to start and stop the tape to guess what was being said. There are also introductions and transitions so that you can stop wherever you want and come back and not feel like you have to start all over.

It is not a rosary story of someone reading off strategies off the internet they found and pieced together in a book. I do not like someone lying to me unless it is fiction story. Any how to book or self help book should at least do research to make sure the stuff that is being said is fairly accurate. Of course everyone's results will vary but do research first. This author seems to have done the research and plugs in nuggets from their own journey as a beginning blogger.

I found it easy to follow along being that it has a logical sequence. The outline of the strategies make sense for the order that they are in. It was like as soon as I thought of another step or question in regards to the current chapter they were taking me to that topic as if they read my mind. As stated earlier it is not a rosary story, he fully lays out the pros and cons in terms that a new blogger can understand.

Lastly it is interactive read or listen as it is a E-book. An example from the book that I particularly like is when he says to without going to your favorite recall their advertisements. Count how many there are in your head and where they are placed. OK now go on over to their webpage and see if you were right. If there are more there than you originally thought then this means that they are place well, a good use of space. This was an exercise to use to make sure that your own blog does not have ads placed all awkwardly making your readers not want to come back. Guess I have said enough about the book without giving away all of its content so it is under an hour so why not. In that time you can better your blog while vacuuming, lets see which one gets done first.

Received this e-book for free/Heavily Discounted for my honest and unbiased review, un-compensated . This product which I highly recommend if you are a blogger or thinking of starting a blog and want to navigate the waters of money making, it can be purchased at a affordable price at . #LukeWeil

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Product Review: Fat Burner Supplement

Being that I am trying to get my body ready for this early Spring that the ground hog predicted I was excited when I was chosen to review The Ultimate Co. - The Ultimate Fat Burner.” The reason that I even applied was because it was veggie capsules because whenever I consider any weight-loss related item I try to shy away from products that have main ingredients are some mysterious, can't pronounce formula made up in a lab. I generally start to picture a class action lawsuit commercial stating if you have taking whatever the product name and have been harmed please call this one eight hundred number.

With this product I did not worry about that and anticipated it in the mail. Secondly I read the label and I has caffeine so I slowed down on my intake. How it made me feel? Well within two hours of taking it I started feeling this little cool tingle going through my body but other than that, that was it. The tingle was very slightly and if I had not been sitting around relaxing and reading I would not have been able to notice most likely.

Just like coffee I experienced a crash and I was super hungry so I just ate a peanut butter sandwich. I usually eat this when I am trying t diet or slim down. In between meals I have popcorn or peanut butter sandwiches, just enough to calm the hunger pains but not enough fill me up in order to maximize the effect; because what is the purpose of taking a fat burner if you double your fat intake. Also increase you water intake as it warns to not take this if you are prone to dehydration. This product can be purchased at a affordable price at,

Disclaimer: Received free/Heavily Discounted for my honest and unbiased review, un-compensated

Monday, February 15, 2016

Product Review: Finish It Gear Ponytail Headband

This product was shipped in a ziploc packaging which is nice during this winter season being that it is snowing a lot where I am so any little steps a company takes in order for the product to arrive safely. The headband had a very soft fabric that feels nice and cushioned against my forehead and it doesn't pull on your hair. The back of the headband where the ponytail would go is made in a way to accommodate very thick hair.

Received Ponytail Headband product for free/Heavily Discounted for my honest and unbiased review, un-compensated from Finish IT Gear through Tomoson. Tomoson has relationships with all types of companies and you can apply to review many types of products or get really good deals in exchange for a review. This product which I highly recommend, can be purchased at a affordable price #PonytailHeadband,

Tomoson Product Review: Car Seat Travel Bag by AngelBaby

Before I saw this item I had never heard of a Car Seat Cover but always thought about it. I use to think back in the day man I wonder what people do when they fly or on the bus I wish I had something to put the car seat in. For those who have been in the luxury of having a vehicle then you would not understand the pain of having to un-buckle a baby on a bus, strap them in the baby carrier on you and hold a car seat while holding groceries in under 90 seconds flat while the hold bus population watches you with mean faces. Oh yeah do not let the baby be crying also that just puts icing on the cake. This product would be a life saver for that moment. 

As you can see with the photo in the middle it shows how the product looks when I take it out of the packaging. The plastic packaging itself can be used for something, it itself is durable. Seems like the manufacture put car into all of the packaging. I like this because even if your box that the package comes in is greatly moisten with rain or snow this product will not be effected. I like it when a company takes its time to do everything that is within their power to ensure the product arrives undamaged. Making quality products and durable packaging means that both the company and the customers saves money on shipping and are both happy with the end result.

Again from the photo in the middle, when I took it out it looked like a hand bag and then I unzipped it. From the photo in the middle you see that small strap, go over to the last photo on the right, under the name tag is that same strap. When I unzipped it I thought the bag was put in side of this handy bag but no this was part of the whole thing. The bag then unfolds and is really long, I am about 5 ft 5 inches and he bag measured from my feet to my waist. As a mom and wife my mine natually looks for at it like man this could be a laundry bag. While the bag was open I scooped up the car seat and it just fell on in it with no resistance. I then tried with one arm because hey lets face it in real life having a baby you have the master the one arm packing. I literally just pulled the bag over the car seat bag up and over the car seat.

The last photo shows the bag as the are seat is on the table but in the back there is a strap that goes all the way down the bag. The strap is wide so it is comfortable to carry and does not dig into your shoulder. The stitching is reinforced at the top and the bottom so you can be comfortable carrying this item without worry about the bag tearing. As you can see also from the last photo on the right there is a strap under the name tag and it can be used to hang the bag to protect the bag from germs while you are storing in a closet

Received Angle Baby Car Seat Bag free/Heavily Discounted for my honest and unbiased review, un-compensated through Tomoson. Tomoson has relationships with all types of companies and you can apply to review many types of products or get really good deals in exchange for a review. This product which I highly recommend, can be purchased at a affordable price #angelbaby

Tomoson Product Review: FSL Zn30i Earbuds for Apple with mic and volume

First of all I just wanted to say these headphones have amazing volume and actually worked on my android also. The sound quality made me feel like I was at the concert or the recording studio that made the master to the music I was listening to or they have invented surround sound for earphones. So get ready these little babies come packing with power. This gives meaning to big things come in small packages.

These are not your run of the mill earphones where it is a one size fits all either. This is why they call this a kit it has pieces different sizes to fit into how ever large or super small your ears are formed. No more ear phones falling out of you ears. For those of us who wants to break away from those big bulky headphones especially when we are out or on the move, here is your answer. 

This kit comes with three pieces that will ensure no matter how much you bend or roll the earphones will stay in your ear and not fall out during your favorite song. The fins fill in the gap, they come in different sizes s,m,l; then the silicone ear tips also have different size such as xs, x, m, l and they go on the earpieces. If you still need extra comfort there are memory foam tips. After this, there are ear hooks that are worn on the outside to make sure of no slippage of the cord or phones in the ears and are labeled left and right so you do not confused them. If that was not enough there is a also a cable clip that you can secure the cord to your clothes. Now you are secure and ready to go no matter how vigorous you work out your earphones are staying in place and your ears are comfortable.

That's just the beginning you can start or stop a call and so many more features. Plus I like how the case keeps your earphones safe during movement so you do not have to worry about them getting all tangled up. They have really thought of everything, the whole experience of wearing, listening and storing earphones. It is easy to see that they company is not out to just make money they are out to provide a long lasting outstanding product and have taken the time to do it right.

Received these Zinc Zn30i in ear monitors with mic & remote earphone kit for free for my honest and unbiased review, through Tomoson. Tomoson has relationships with all types of companies and yo can apply to review many types of products or get really good deals in exchange for a review. This product which I highly recommend, can be purchased at a affordable price #zn30ipromo