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Sunday, October 2, 2016

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Product review: Grapefruit Scrub for Face and Body

This grapefruit scrub is full of good stuff for the skin, just to name a few they are;

  • Sea Salt
  •  Sunflower oil
  • Grapefruit oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Kukui seed oil
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Vitamin E

With all of these natural ingredients it makes for a very deep cleaning of the pores. It looks as beautiful as it does smell. I have tried a couple of body scrubs and most of them have just been for the body but this one smells like it is for the face and gentle enough for it also. I want a facial scrub to cleanse me deeply but also be gentle enough to not leave red marks. 

The oil goes in deep to cleanse the pores of dirt and toxins and then the salt does the finishing touches by gently providing exfoliation.Can be purchased at  I received this product at promotional discount for the purposes of testing.

Product Review: 6 Piece 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Set - 2 EXTRA PILLOW CASES, GREAT VALUE - Queen, Gray

This sheet set is super soft and gives you the feeling of luxury quality sheets. The edges have deep pockets I did not have to plan out which edges would be first nor did I have to pull the edges of the sheets to try to force it. In fact the pockets are 16inch pocket of deepness with elastic, which adds to the best grip. No mater how much you toss or turn at night the fitted sheet stays in place. 

This sets has a total of six pieces and they all made it hard to get out of bed I kept hitting the snooze button. With four pillow cases you can decorate your bed and give your bedroom a a nice elegant flare.

Can be purchased at  I received this product at a promotional discount for testing purposes.

Product Review: Mighty Paw Tinkle Bells, Premium Quality Dog Doorbells, Housetraining Doggy Door Bells for Potty Training

We all have standards for ourselves but our furry friends seems to be left out of that equation of quality. When they are included it is just barely but anyone that has a pet know that they are playful and the bigger they are the more force that they can exert on their toys and products. 

 So that is why I looked for a product that had that same thought process in mind when they constructed their product. 

Potty training is hard for humans but animals do not just make potty accidents to clean but before this product mine was scratching at the front door and our bedroom doors, barking and whining. Poor little guy he really didn't want to have a accident.

Having these on the door he knew how to use it right away, he jut came over to it and nudged it with his snout.

There is also a free gift with purchase that thanks you for being a customer that is practical to. This wall hook can be used to hand these bells and even after you don't need them anymore you can hand your dogs leash on it also. 

Can be purchased at  I received this product at a promotional discount for testing purposes and a honest review.

Product Reveiw: MyLifesDesign DE Safety Razor. Wet Shaving for Men

This summer came with many plans for my family and my husband wanted to upgrade his appearance specifically his facial hair. Using cheap razors cost a lot in the end if you are lucky and some have even reported that they have gotten infected re-using disposable razors because apparently it can harbor germs and rust. Once you are cut by those rusted old germs razors then those germs goes in your skin and it can give you more than a razor bump but a infection that can lead to the emergency room. 

As a woman I didn't know why men paid so much for their razors but situation explained above is one major reason. He has a whole guide when he sends me shopping for razors, things he keeps in mind are that facial hair is stubborn and harder to cut than the rest of your body so the razor needs to be the sharpest it can be in order to get the best shave the first time instead of having to go over an area multiple times.

 He also prepares his skin and hairs to soften the hair shaft to ensure the best shaving experience. This is a upgrade that was well worth it and he has been very well pleased at the result.

The handle is long and has a pattern on it that allows for your hand to be dry or slippery from soap or shaving cream but you can still grip it. The chrome material puts to rest restrictions on where you use the razor since it is rust free. Having more of the blade exposed means that there are less strokes so more of a close and smooth shave is made possible. 

Can be purchased at I received this product at a promotional discount for testing purposes.

Product Review: MultiplePRO SuperTuff 24-Pc Bungee Cord Set

This set has multiple sizes of cords and all made of quality material.

It also comes in a nice carrying case that has a touch handle.

The hooks are made so that by using them you do not mess up any delicate surface due to it being made of 3.5mm steel core and coated with plastic. 

Another thing that I like about these cords as appose to others are that with others I have seen it start to fray some after one to two usages but not with these. I have used them a total of like eight times for some hefty duty jobs and no fraying. 

Maybe it is the plastic-covered cord that keeps the tie down from fraying, whatever it is I am grateful for a quality product.

All of these also stretch to about 50 percentage of its original length so as to aid you in those really difficult jobs by providing extra reach. I can see why they call these cords tuff because they have been tested to handle about 132 pounds of tensile strength or in plain English of pressure/stretched strength.Can be purchased at  I received this product for free for a honest and unbiased review.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Product Review: GTP USB Mini Personal Travel Cool Mist Portable Ultrasonic Room Humidifier

This product comes with a e-book of travel tip, which lets face it we could all use.  Traveling itself can be a stressful venture.  The only way I have gotten through it is to visualize myself at my final destination relaxing, telling myself it will be well worth it.

How good of quality of sleep are you getting? Did you know that there are many factors that affect how well you sleep? For instance are you a loud snorer? Did you know that the dryer your throat is the louder and more intense you will snore? 

This device will put or maintain moisture in the air so to keep your throat from drying out and that can relieve the intensity of snoring.
Even though it is small the mist of this humidifier covers up to 60 sq. ft. Some of the safety features for this are
Auto standby – this kicks in when water is empty
auto shut-off – is after 8 hours of continuous operation

Your throat is not the only thing that receives the benefits of moisture being in the air while you are sleeping. 

Your sinuses does also, for those who suffer from asthma or allergies too. How does it help them, well it keeps your nasal passages lubricated; which in turn helps it to heal faster and believe it or not helps to prevent nosebleeds.
This also comes with replacement wicks for when the current one goes down. 

This is small enough that you can travel with it and can be charged using a USB power source. So yes you can charge it using your computer, or phone charger.

Can be purchased at  I received this product at a promotional discount for testing purposes and a honest and unbiased review.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Product Review: U-FIT Performance Swim Goggles

These goggle has many features that made it comfortable and stylish. Plus it comes in a re-usable carrying case.

This case was difficult to open and first I was just starring at but truthfully it is as simple as a twist to the end of the case.  Once you twist it I just puled on the top a little bit and it comes open easily.   This case acts as a protective case to ensure that your goggles are kept in good condition for your next dip.

My husband have fully tested these goggles out with multiple swimming sessions.  First thing that he notice was how they not only helped in the swimming pool but also acted liked sunglasses when we sun bathed.  They were so comfortable in fact that he wore them for a a long time.

The strap is fully adjustable so no matter how narrow or wide your head is they will fit.  Once you find your fit you are set to swim, and do whatever type of swimming tricks you please.  Swimming backwards, standing upside down flipping backwards and diving into the pool are all things that my husband did and the googles did not fall off or slide down.  They were in the same place from start to finish.  

The seal is air tight, no matter how you move your head or how deep you go under water no moisture got into the goggles.

Not having water in your eyes allow you to be able to guide your way with ease.  There is also a clip for the nose to make sure it stays put. 

Can be purchased at  I received this product for free for testing purposes and a honest un-biased review. #UFITGOGGLES

Product Review: PowerLead Phad D208 Mini A8 Bluetooth V4.0 Stereo Earphone Headphone Headset Wireless Headset

This produt has a couple of color options for the headset and here they are:

Color: D208/Silver, the one in the middle is the one that I have. The part that is showed is the outside view, the part that has the controls as to how you listen. 

This is another view of the part that stays outside once you plug the other part into your ear.  As you can see you can pick up a call, and turn the volume of the call up or down.  You can also listen to the music of your phone, some features are turning up or down the volume of the music.  Stopping the music all together or fast forwarding.  Another options is pausing it so that you can attend to other matters.

This is a picture of the part that would go inside of you ear, this is the protective part that goes over the speaker. 

This shows the speaker part of the headset without the protective part.  This is designed to be a ear bug and does not require a over the ear hook piece.

As for compatibility it can be used with Bluetooth enabled devices, such as for iPhone, iPad, HTC, Lenovo, Samsung, Tablet PC, etc. As for charging it, it has a built in rechargeable li-battery and can be charged with a USB cable.  There is a slot on the other side for the USB and some smart phones even show real-time battery status. How long can it be used, 

Music time: About 4~6hours
Talking time: About 6~8 hours
Standby time: About 200 hours

Works great for me and the instructions were easy to understand, just pair it with your phone and go. 
It can be purchased at*Version*=1&*entries*=0.  I received this product for free for testing purposes and a honest and unbiased review.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Product Review: Body Butter Moisturizer Ednaé Full Body Skin Cream Soufflè

 One thing I have to say about this cream is that it smells wonderful and keeps its scent for a long period of time. I use just a little bit each day and from morning until night and I mean like midnight I personally can smell it and other have told me they can still smell it. I have gotten into a cab and the driver said ma'am may I ask what fragrance you are wearing. I have been at the grocery store and when I went to check out at the register I was asked what fragrance I was wearing. So on and so on I have been asked by multiple people, at multiple times of day and the scent is not over powering but I will say whether you use a small amount like myself or a large dollop you will reap in the compliments.
It not only smell fantastic but has other features too. Sea Kelp, it works to keep the skin youthful. How you say? By slowing down the natural aging process that is why it is recommended to be used once per day. The directions for optimal usages goes as follows:

Pat skin partially dry after a shower or bath, then apply a large dollop of crème to your hands, and massage into your skin using sweeping, gentle movements. Rub until absorbed, then apply an optional second layer to particular problem areas, such as hands or elbows.”

In order to make the best out of using this product you should apply the crème to dry areas. Who can use this product? It states that it can be used on all skin types and although it is lightly whipped for a fluffier texture with repeated applications it can be used on roughened skin to soften it.
Can be purchased at I received this product for free for a honest and unbiased review.

Product Review: Rx 4 Hair Loss Restoration Scalp Cream for Men & Women

I really like this cream and knowing that it does not put harmful hormones in my body is another thumbs up. Another great thing about this is it treats dandruff and with it being nice outside I do not want to always have to where a hat due to my dandruff. Having thick hair has its pleasant times but there's nothing like having a healthy scalp to where I can allow the wind to blow threw my hair. While the wind is blowing I'm not sitting around worrying about any flakes being shown, that is relaxing.

Most hair growth products come with about a thirty day supply and they recommend you use the product for sixty to ninety days for best results. This product came with a two month supply and claims to see results in as little as thirty days. Another thing that makes this product different is that ti can be used by men or women, due to it not having hormones in it. Of course each person is different so ninety days is still the timeline because each person's body is different.

 How does it work you ask? Well according to the Amazon listing it states the following:

“Increases circulation and provides vitamins and nutrients to stop hair loss.”
It also has a nice pleasant lemongrass scent to it.  As far as its hair loss results, I used it on my sides and temple because it was thinner than the rest of my head.  I have used the full jar and the hair is thicker now but I saw results about half way through the jar.
Can be purchased at I received this product at a promotional discount for testing purposes.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Product Review: Self Adhesive Hooks From mysonder - Set Of 12 Hooks

I would not call myself a neat freak but I am a organizing freak. I feel that at any given moment I should be able to go anywhere in the house and as long as it is still in the general area I left it in I should find it. It is one of my biggest pet peeve, not being able to find things. Or having to go through so much digging to a little item buried under lots of big items. 

Number one these hooks are a great value being that they have a whooping twelve hooks in the package and they are reasonably priced. I also like that they are white in color so I do not have to worry about it crashing with any design of any room. This makes them completely versatile and non clashing. 

As for usability, they are easy to install and remove. All you have to do is follow the instructions which has pictures for every step. Once the hooks are ready to go, after you have held it in place for thirty seconds and let it sit for a couple of minutes you can hang just about anything. 

Another great thing about these hooks are that they can be removed without leaving permanent stains on the wall.  Can be purchased at
I received this product at a promotional discount for testing purposes.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Product Review: Gardees Tm 50 Feet Expandable Hose - Strongest Garden Hose - With Solid Brass Connectors & 8-pattern Spray Nozzle - Black

The host is made up of very durable material, latex and is made so strong you can be sure that it will not bust when it expands. Although it is made up of very strong material it is lightweight to carry around. I picked up this hose and carried it from one end of the yard to another and I have a pretty big size yard; I wasn't winded neither did my back feel any strain from carrying it. 

The spray nozzle was easily screwed on the hose and changed from one spraying position to another one without hardly any effort. It also comes with two extra spare washers, washers prevent leakage. With it being fifty feet long it allowed me to reach every spot in the yard to water it, no matter how akward the place you are trying to get to is,this hose will reach it.

I received this at a promotional discount for testing purposes and an honest unbiased review.
My purchase was for the fifty foot one but here is a link to purchase other sizes:

Product Review: Amzdeal Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight Battery

Having a family of men and women defiantly makes upkeep in the bathroom more aggressive. Nighttime is the time that bathroom mishaps seems to happen. I say that because in the morning I go in there and there's that dreaded dribble on the end of the toilet seat or a small little puddle that I do not see until I get close to the toilet.

This light is the perfect solution, it is just enough light for them to see what they are doing but not too bright to make them miss the target. My kids say they don't need the light because it is so bright at night it blinds their eyes. This light is the perfect amount of light right on the target. I tell them just follow the light for my daughter and aim for the light for my son. 

So how it works is you peel the adhesive and press it against the inside of the toilet seat rim. As you get close to it the light turns on and there is a color coded system. It glows green when the toilet seat is down and red when the toilet seat is up. 

The light is a LED light and it takes two AA batteries; you should wait at least two minutes after putting the batteries in. Can be purchased at*Version*=1&*entries*=0.  I received this product at a promotional discount for my honest unbiased review.