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Friday, July 15, 2016

Product Reveiw: MyLifesDesign DE Safety Razor. Wet Shaving for Men

This summer came with many plans for my family and my husband wanted to upgrade his appearance specifically his facial hair. Using cheap razors cost a lot in the end if you are lucky and some have even reported that they have gotten infected re-using disposable razors because apparently it can harbor germs and rust. Once you are cut by those rusted old germs razors then those germs goes in your skin and it can give you more than a razor bump but a infection that can lead to the emergency room. 

As a woman I didn't know why men paid so much for their razors but situation explained above is one major reason. He has a whole guide when he sends me shopping for razors, things he keeps in mind are that facial hair is stubborn and harder to cut than the rest of your body so the razor needs to be the sharpest it can be in order to get the best shave the first time instead of having to go over an area multiple times.

 He also prepares his skin and hairs to soften the hair shaft to ensure the best shaving experience. This is a upgrade that was well worth it and he has been very well pleased at the result.

The handle is long and has a pattern on it that allows for your hand to be dry or slippery from soap or shaving cream but you can still grip it. The chrome material puts to rest restrictions on where you use the razor since it is rust free. Having more of the blade exposed means that there are less strokes so more of a close and smooth shave is made possible. 

Can be purchased at I received this product at a promotional discount for testing purposes.