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Friday, July 15, 2016

Product Review: MultiplePRO SuperTuff 24-Pc Bungee Cord Set

This set has multiple sizes of cords and all made of quality material.

It also comes in a nice carrying case that has a touch handle.

The hooks are made so that by using them you do not mess up any delicate surface due to it being made of 3.5mm steel core and coated with plastic. 

Another thing that I like about these cords as appose to others are that with others I have seen it start to fray some after one to two usages but not with these. I have used them a total of like eight times for some hefty duty jobs and no fraying. 

Maybe it is the plastic-covered cord that keeps the tie down from fraying, whatever it is I am grateful for a quality product.

All of these also stretch to about 50 percentage of its original length so as to aid you in those really difficult jobs by providing extra reach. I can see why they call these cords tuff because they have been tested to handle about 132 pounds of tensile strength or in plain English of pressure/stretched strength.Can be purchased at  I received this product for free for a honest and unbiased review.